The Kingdom Hearts Roleplay

The Kingdom Hearts Roleplay

Roleplay about one of the greatest anime video game crossovers in the world. Kingdom Hearts
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Luxord's Diary Games_KH2-XIIIorder
Entry 12

I image i've lost everyone now, the heartless are barring my path forward. I can hardly even get any entries out to comunicate with anyone, as i've lost contact with them one by one. I'd wager there are similar problems with the other factions. Right now, I have many lesser nobodies assisting me, Berserkers, Gamblers, Dragoons, and Samurai. I'm lost somewhere in the Land of Dragons, the heartless are pressing from all sides or...
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Luxord's Diary Games_KH2-XIIIorder
Entry 11

It's getting increadibly difficult to write these entries. I am either out controlling the heartless or trying to keep the Organisation from falling apart. Had Xemnas not disappeared, this probably wouldn't have happened. But it did, so now I have to clean up the mess he left behind. It's not the same anymore really, all the original members have vanished into thin air. At least we weren't the only ones to suffer a loss, our...
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Luxord's Diary Games_KH2-XIIIorder
Entry 10

I must admit, taking control of the Organization wasn't my ulterior plan, but desperate times call for desperate measures. The Organization has only a handful of members left: Sayuri and Akiharo are becoming more distant, despite my attempts at keeping them around. I knew being in charge wasn't going to be easy, but at this rate, I won't have anybody left to lead. At the worst, I lose the last two keyblade wielders in the Organization...
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Luxord's Diary Games_KH2-XIIIorder
Entry 9

At any rate, things seem to be picking up in pace. Kingdom Hearts grows closer to completion with each Heartless slain by the keyblade. This however, is slowing. With more members disappearing (dead or alive, we'll never know) missions are becoming increasingly difficult. There were times I actually had to summon the help of lesser Nobodies, mostly in the form of Dusks. On another note, i've been trying to decide if I should put...
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Luxord's Diary Games_KH2-XIIIorder
Entry 8

Theres been days when missions were very easy, but then there were days when missions were so difficult they had to send somebody very powerful to take care of the problem. Since the Organization has been rather quiet and devoid of members due to missions, I got sent on the more dangerous missions. My most frequent partner in crime, Sayuri, is showing admirable improvement to her abilities and battle prowess. Though one thing remains...
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Luxord's Diary Games_KH2-XIIIorder
Entry 7
The Organization may have worried about what had happened to their Gambler of Fate, but now, i've returned. The explanation is quite simple really, the Realm of Darkness. One may think it strange that the pit of eternal anguish and blackness would somehow drag me down, but a band of Heartless, who appeared to not be under the control of the Mistress of Darkness (catchy huh?) would drag me into the abyss. But fortunately, I managed...
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Luxord's Diary Games_KH2-XIIIorder
Entry 6
Well faithful companion diary, i have returned from my mission in Halloween Town. I felt like a mad clown going there for some reason, but i think i had a bit too much to drink before going anyway. Heartless level's stable, recon in other worlds show stablility as well. I got to witness Gustav's exceptional power as he battled a Land Armor in the Olympus colliseum. The giant isn't invincible which is good at least, but formidible....
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Luxord's Diary Games_KH2-XIIIorder
Entry 5
There's a time when a man can do, and a man can't do. For instance, a man can serve his superiors loyally and to the letter. If only Marluxia could figure out i'm higher on this pecking order, and Xaldin is up at third place here. another instance says I scouted this...behemoth of a man...what was the name...Gustav or something like that. The thick accented man will be a tough one to beat,being he's like a Large Armor times two. Wonder...
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Luxord's Diary Games_KH2-XIIIorder
Entry 4
And its Luxord, The Gambler of Fate again, the days are just getting longer and longer...which stinks for a Nobody who controls time. I got to fight Sora, which brought back old memories. I got to scare the pants of Xemnas, which was hilarious...even if he didn't seem to jump that much. i've been trying to find the materials for a new deck of cards...called The Joker, as much as I love my current card deck, The Fool...who am I kidding...
by Luxord - Comments: 0 - Views: 763

Luxord's Diary Games_KH2-XIIIorder
Entry 3
As much I hate to admit it, its been really slow for me lately. Everbody has been so busy that I never really see anybody. Its like a really slow and boring game of blackjack. Should somebody stumble across this diary i'm not trying to sound like i'm complaining, but I just hate the silenced Organization 13, if only some of the others came back, then strip poker would come back and Xigbar would be in a mountain of trouble. But sadly...
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Luxord's Diary Games_KH2-XIIIorder
Entry 2
This day was an interesting one. In the time we got in my mission in Deep Jungle with Sayuri, we've learned that the jungle is rich with Heartless that our Keyblade wielders can use to fual Kingdom Hearts. I finally got to speak to my old comrade Xemnas, he seems pleased with my progress and seems happy to have me around again, with actual genuine kindness..which is something foreign for him but thats fine with me. I don't expect...
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Luxord's Diary Games_KH2-XIIIorder
Entry 1
Well, its definatetly great to be back in time for the....reunion of Organization 13, even though most of the originals are gone. I'm glad to see Xemnas again, despite I haven't spoken to him yet, Xaldin seems to be in good health, maybe I can finally get paid for that bet I won. I'm rather suprised to see Marluxia and Roxas though, i've heard about their defective in the past. However i'm willing to grant a second chance, since both...
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