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 Xion Number XIV

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Character Name: Xion

Gender: Girl

Character's Age: Technically 1 or 2 years old, but appears to be 15 years old.

Character's apperance,or picture:
Xion Number XIV Images-1-1
Xion looks similar to Kairi, because she is made up from Sora's memories of Kairi. She has short black hair with bangs, and she has bright blue eyes. Her coat has pointy shoulders, and is similar to Roxas' one. She wears feminine boots, and the usual Organization 13 gloves. She is known to look different to each person, to Xemnas, she looks like exactly like Sora. To Xigbar, she looks like Ventus. To Saix, she looks like a hooded puppet. In fact, Axel even admitted to seeing her as Namine.

Alliegiance: Nobody Replica

Home Town: Castle Oblivion

Xion is a replica of Sora, so she acts like him. When she first gets to the Organization, she is Shy, and she keeps to herself. But after going on missions with Roxas, she opens up to him. Later, she befriends Axel as well. She is always happy when she is with friends, but she can be very fragile too. After she learns she is just a clone, she is emotionally lost and confused. Xion is generous and Just, like Kairi and Namine. She will also fight to protect her friends.

Cannon History:
One week after Roxas joined the Organization, Xion was introduced by Xemnas. After Axel leaves, Xion quickly bonds with Roxas, and for the first time, Shows her face. When Roxas goes into a coma, Xion brings a seashell to him for every day he is not awake. Also, Xion must take on all of Roxas' duties when he is in his coma. Axel then returns, and Xion asks him if he will be her friend. When Axel says yes, he starts seeing Xion the way Roxas does. Then Riku confronts Xion, asking her why she wields a keyblade. Xion fights against Riku, and then is not sure if she should stay with her friends, or join with Sora. When Xion is captured by Riku, Axel catches her and takes her back to the organization. Xion then becomes stronger, making Roxas weaker. She then leaves the Organization, following Riku's advice. Then Xion meets Namine at the Old Mansion, where she questions her own existence, and she is told that she is not a nobody, but an imperfect replica of Roxas. Xion then duels Axel, who wishes to bring her back to the organization, and she loses. She is then reprogramed to be an exact replica of Sora. Xion then battles Roxas, and is defeated, leaving behind only a Thalassa Shell and the memory of her name. After Roxas is defeated by Riku, Xion is finally reunited with him.

Weapons: Keyblade; Kingdom Key+
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Looks good.But I will have to change your name to that of your character. Welcome.

Accepted and sorted into Nobodies.


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Xion Number XIV
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