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Roleplay about one of the greatest anime video game crossovers in the world. Kingdom Hearts
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 Xemnas Report 5

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PostXemnas Report 5

After weeks upon weeks of thinking and processing I have finally discovered a way to continue with the recreation of Kingdom Hearts. As well as collecting hearts from the heartless there is another method, a more faster method, that will aid in its recreations. We have to take the princesses of heart. Within the Alter of Naught I now have 7 other chambers, built now as a place for captivity for our dear princesses. As I send my minions and myself to each world, we shall search for the princesses and make sure they go into their chamber. There's Alice, Jasmine, Belle, Aurora, Cinderella, Snow White, and Kairi. The first 6 can be found quite easily, but since Sora rescued Kairi, her location is remains unknown. We're still going to collect hearts but out main focus now is to make the princesses our hostages.

As for the organization progress has stopped growing but since every other faction is weak as well, we won't really need that many members. Luxord and his capabilities has been very beneficial to me and our organization. I have decided that he shall be number II in the organization. He's strategic, intelligent, and can use his weapon to good use. He has earned my trust and is certainly worthy of number II. Lets just see if he performs as admirably when fighting Sora or kidnapping a princess.

Collecting hearts has never been any easier. Maleficent has gone and now even her daughter who had supposedly taken charge of the heartless has left as well. It seems there is no one leading them at the moment which is just great for us. It is rather odd that they haven't come under my control yet since the heartless are attracted to strength but it doesn't matter. Having control of the nobodies and the organization is more than satisfactory to me. It seems that nothing can stop us now, not even Sora and his pathetic new weapons.

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Xemnas Report 5

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