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 Plot 3: Struggles Continue

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PostSubject: Plot 3: Struggles Continue   Tue Dec 25, 2012 9:11 pm

On-going from The Struggle for Power

The power of each faction has been diminishing greatly, with each of them losing their leaders.

Organization XIII has lost their precious leader, Xemnas. The causes of his disappearance are unknown but without him the Organization is seemingly unable to function. However there are rumors about a new leader having risen to power, while Xemnas is no where to be found. That temporary leader is Luxord.

Connected Hearts(the Heroes) have also lost their beloved Sora. His whereabouts have been unknown for quite a while now. Shortly after his Keyblade returned to him, the boy went missing from Destiny Islands. Some think that the Organization has something to do with it, as a result of Luxord becoming the leader. Others say the Heartless disappeared both of the leaders. However, there are suspicions going around that Kairi will be taking over Sora's position until he is found.

Finally, the Heartless are running amok with their leader gone once again. First, the young leader Hitame disappeared and Hades was placed as the new leader. He was unable to control the Heartless for long and they have fallen completely out of his control. Now they are going around the worlds, causing as much havoc as they can, as was the rumored last order from Hitame.


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Plot 3: Struggles Continue
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