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 Sayuri's Diary 5

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PostSayuri's Diary 5

I don't know anymore.

Should I continue the way I am? I've learned some things about the Organization that I'm sure I wasn't supposed to learn. Now I know why I can feel as though I was a Somebody. It's not only because of Akira, even though she is me. I am half of who she is...I contain half her power and in order for Ovan to find her...I must go away. I understand all of this and I'm sure that by allowing her to come back, I'll be doing everyone a favor. Except the Organization.

I don't care though. They've done nothing but use us Nobodies. But at least I know...that I have a heart. Not like Xemnas was trying to convince us all. The true motives of Organization XIII are truly dark ones. I won't let them get away with it. I won't let Xemnas use us anymore. I won't let him achieve his motive. And if I have to go away to stop him, then I will...

I have to let Akiharo know though. He can't keep going down this path. I have to make him see that we have to go back to out Somebodies. It's the only way to help. I'm not sure he'll listen to me though. At least we'll be safe for a little bit now. Xemnas seems to have disappeared, as has Sora and the leader of the Heartless, Hitame. I'm not sure what's going on but we've lost all our leaders. But Luxord has risen to power now, he's our temporary leader until we can find out what happened to Xemnas. Until then, I have to worry about getting Akiharo to undersand what we have to do to help stop Xemnas.
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Sayuri's Diary 5

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