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 Sayuri's Diary 7

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Sayuri's Diary 7 Empty
PostSayuri's Diary 7

Darkness and Light will always exist with each other. One can't live without the other. No matter how hard we try to vanquish the darkness within us, we can't. Without it we can't live. Light needs darkness to survive. Darkness needs light to survive.

All we can do is push the darkness down. Or we can let them balance each other out. But if we do that, one will always try to take control and we'll fight forever within ourselves. We can't just give up on it though.

I've learned that I am both Darkness and Light. They don't exist in harmony within me, but they so help each other. If there is something the darkness can't do, the light helps. And it happens vice versa too. Akiharo is the same, his light is just...buried deep within him. The darkness is always present within him, and it doesn't want the light to be brought up. That's why he had tried to kill me in Port Royal.

The darkness didn't want me helping him unleash the light within him. But it happened anyways. As long as we stick together, the darkness will never win. It won't. I'll always be by Akiharo's side to stop the darkness within him. He knows I will, and I've promised I would be. I will not break my promise to him, not while I still exist.

I promise.
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Sayuri's Diary 7

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