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 Creating Your Faction

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Creating Your Faction Empty
PostSubject: Creating Your Faction   Creating Your Faction EmptySun Jan 02, 2011 10:33 pm

To Create your faction,you will need to sign this application for us.

Clan Name:
Alligiance:(Good or Evil)
Clan Location:(Where is it in the whole KH world)
Clan Allies:(optional,which clan(s) are you friends with)
Clan Enemies:(optional,which clan(s) are you rivals with)
Clan Goal:(what are you trying to achieve)
Clan Pros:(At least 5)
Clan Cons:(At least 5)
Special Abilities ?:
Any Requirements ?:

Now if your application has been accepted,with your clan you must give out missions and if it's against a clan you must inform the clan leader.
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Creating Your Faction
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