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 Hitame Report 5

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Since Hades took over as the leader of the Heartless, things had been getting weird. None of them were listening to anything he told them to do. To a certain degree, it amused me. To watch him fail as leader, but at the same time it worried me.

If they fell completely out of his control, I wouldn't be able to just come in and take them away. Maybe I just shouldn't. Let the Heartless run amok for a while. After all, according to the others, I'm unfit to be the leader. A leader like my mother. The mother who without thinking about the consequences, joined with Xemnas only to get beaten down by Sora.

That was her own fault. But now because I chose to help Sora one time, I'm not fit to be leader. Whatever. It was my decision, and the Heartless are still under my control, i can tell they are. That's why they won't listen to Hades. Now that he's gone as leader though. this will be my final mission for the heartless for now. Until I can come out of hiding.

"Cause havoc around the world's. Do what you have too, destroy, cause chaos. I don't care. Let the Heroes and even the Organization clean up the mess. And show no mercy."


Hitame Report 5 Hitame18
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Hitame Report 5

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