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 Mission Requests (Nobodies Read This)

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Mission Requests (Nobodies Read This) Empty
PostSubject: Mission Requests (Nobodies Read This)   Mission Requests (Nobodies Read This) EmptySat Nov 30, 2013 3:50 am

Alright so if a mission is what you want than I can give you missions here. You can request a specific type of mission if you so please but not always will it be considered. In the event that an enemy faction is up to something I might just send you somewhere else, so missions can turn out to be a surprise at times. Just be weary of that.

You can go in missions with a maximum of 2 other people (So yourself and two other members)

Any fellow characters in mind? (I've assumed you've asked their permission first unless it's myself which you can ask here)

None in Mind? Would you like one other person or two? (Skip if you have people)

Experienced? (Would you prefer someone more experienced? not always granted)

Location Preference? (Where would you Like to go? not always granted)
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Mission Requests (Nobodies Read This) I21tzr
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Mission Requests (Nobodies Read This)
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