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Roleplay about one of the greatest anime video game crossovers in the world. Kingdom Hearts
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 First Steps

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PostSubject: First Steps   Sat Nov 30, 2013 4:06 am

This topic is to explain in detail what are the first things you should be doing after you've read the Must Reads and the Plot

  1. First thing is first, you need to make your character application. Until this is done, you wont be able to do anything else. However, you also need to follow the character creation template. You can find this here. There are instructions in the topic on how to use the template inside that topic.

  2. You need to actually make your application now. To do this, copy-paste the template onto your clipboard, then make a new topic here. Once you've done that an admin will come by and check your application, and accept it, or request that you change or clarify something in it.

  3. After everything's all set and done and your application has been accepted, why don't you welcome yourself to the site! Welcomings are always great and it's helpful to know when a new face has arrived for all of us! you're now a part of the community. Start a welcoming topic here

    From here on you actually have numerous possible directions you could possibly take you could:

    • Make A Roleplay Request as an introduction for your character. You can use the template here and post a new topic here or you can simply make your own roleplay request.

    • Depending on team you could request a mission from your mission distributor in either:
      Radiant Garden Town
      The Dormitories
      Castle Chapel

    • If you're a fairly experienced roleplayer you can try applying to one of the corresponding factions for your team (ex: The Organization, Chain of Memories etc.) Not everyone makes it in but if you're an intense roleplayer and have roleplayed with a lot of members on your team try an application here

    • If you're a HUGE fan of the Kingdom Hearts franchise and an EXCELLENT roleplayer, if you want you can try for a canon. Read the tiers, choose a character, and make an application. The best characters are the hardest to obtain. If you're wondering a canon character is someone who is actually in the game such as (Sora, Cloud, Hades, Hercules)

    • 2 FAQs

      • Q: I've made my application and/or roleplay request (/Mission Request) When and where do I actually start my mission?

        A: So after doing all that you have to pick a place to roleplay, at the bottom of the categories there's Deep Jungle, and Agrabah etc. Just pick one of those categories then click a new topic. Name your roleplay post and start roleplaying Smile make sure you have someone else to roleplay with and no double posting Wink

      • Q: What is Battle Level?

        A: Battle Level is what determines how aggressive and how difficult it is to handle the enemies that approach you. Enemies in a Battle lvl 1 world would be more easier to fight then ones in a Battle lvl 13 world. So make sure you reflect that in your roleplays otherwise you'd be roleplaying unrealistically and that's a big no no Evil or Very Mad 

      That's about it! meet new friends, get to know the site better, be creative, and most of all have fun Smile
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First Steps
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