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Roleplay about one of the greatest anime video game crossovers in the world. Kingdom Hearts
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 Canon Application Template

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PostSubject: Canon Application Template   Sat Nov 30, 2013 4:24 am

Here is the template for your canon character, if by now you don't already know to copy the template into a new topic not on this post then you don't deserve your canon xD

[b]Name of Canon:[/b]
[b]Weapon he/she uses:[/b]
[b]Tier that is labeled for them:[/b] (Use Lists)
[b]How many years have you roleplayed for:[/b]
[b]RP Sample that reflects your APL (Average Post Length):[/b]
[b]Alias:[/b] (What you would like to be known as out of character)
[Spoiler]RP SAMPLE GOES HERE[/Spoiler]

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Canon Application Template
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