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 Chaos: The Disappearance of Xemnas & Sora

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Chaos: The Disappearance of Xemnas & Sora Empty
PostSubject: Chaos: The Disappearance of Xemnas & Sora   Chaos: The Disappearance of Xemnas & Sora EmptySat Nov 30, 2013 6:09 pm

Main leaders have gone missing and the worlds have been left in a state of turmoil, to others it is the chance to strike and take control, to some it is the chance to start a new, and to others it is to repel the chaos that is constantly trying to ruin what has already been ruined.

With Xemnas (The nobody head leader) gone, Marluxia has stepped up in charge of the nobodies and in charge of the organization. His objectives are quite similar to that of his former leader's. To collect hearts and rebuild Kingdom Hearts. Marluxia also has plans of his own, he wishes to wreak havoc on the worlds and cause absolute destruction. His goal is that all worlds are under nobody control and he'll do what he must to get it. Not all nobodies agree with his rule so he does have some unfaithfuls among him, but the majority agree with him. The Unfaithfuls just want to collect hearts, not capture worlds, but none of them have bothered to speak up yet. They'll do what they must and what they believe in.

With the sudden shift in morale The Heartless have decided to stand against it. The power in The Nobodies have grown stronger and Hitame (Maleficient's daughter and leader of The Heartless) refuses to watch as the nobodies have their way. She has sent heartless to have combat with the nobodies and at least quell their attempts to takeover worlds. They still wish to wreak havoc however a takeover is not what they want. Heartless are sent in limited numbers so they won't assist The Nobodies in the deliverance of hearts. It is now nobodies vs heartless and the worlds are suddenly in danger.

The whereabouts of Sora are completely unknown. He as well as Xemnas have vanished without a trace. This sudden disappearance has left the heroes in a state of disorganization. Heroes not from Radiant Garden or Traverse Town have been defending their home worlds but to a poor extent. There is just too much chaos going around. Heroes that are IN those towns have been split so they are having difficulty finding each other to form a union to defeat the other factions. Until a union is formed, all Heroes at least know the location of Kairi and can talk to her in Radiant Garden. She is temporarily leader until someone of higher stature can replace her. If the heroes can successfully find each other and form this union more work can be done but until then they are all disorganized.

Chaos is unfolding but who can stop it? Will you save the worlds, incite the chaos, or start the chaos. It's all in your hands.

Chaos: The Disappearance of Xemnas & Sora 54sti

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Chaos: The Disappearance of Xemnas & Sora
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