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 Organization XIII Enlistment

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PostSubject: Organization XIII Enlistment   Sat Nov 30, 2013 8:04 pm

Organization XIII is arguably the most favored faction. The numbers are seperated by ranks so the higher the rank, the more worth you have in our cause. You can be an average nobody or you can be one of the elite in the organization. The first five ranks though are at the complete top, I may even ask ones at the top for upcoming plans and suggestions. If the organization gets flooded with people who want to join then if you aren't in the top 5 you may have to fight to keep your place as well. Although being in the faction is a very big responsibility since you get all of the important missions.

Nobody to: (you can make up a random first name and last name)
Strengths: (at least 5)
Weaknesses: (at least 3)
What do you hope to accomplish here:
What can you do for us:
RP Sample: (You can just copy one that you've already done but bare in mind this determines the likeliness of your position)
Closed Slots:
Number I = Marluxia
Number II = (Decided)
Number III = (Decided)
Number IV = (Decided)
Number V = (Decided)

Open Slots:
Number VI = open
Number VII = open
Number VIII = open
Number IX = open
Number X = Luxord
Number XI = open
Number XII = open
Number XIII = Sayuri

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Organization XIII Enlistment
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