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Roleplay about one of the greatest anime video game crossovers in the world. Kingdom Hearts
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 The Great 11/29/13 Revamp

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The Great 11/29/13 Revamp Empty
PostSubject: The Great 11/29/13 Revamp   The Great 11/29/13 Revamp EmptySat Nov 30, 2013 8:28 pm

Ooh boy this was quite the update, lots of things have happened and plenty more things to come. Lots of grammar fixes, visual fixes, and content fixes all over! The website has done a complete revamp so I suggest you see the changes, if you are a veteran member applications must be re-done as well so learn the updates so you can see what needs to be adjusted for you.

001: Grammar in descriptions have been completely updated
002: Post Storage now created
003: Blogs have been moved to storage (no blogs for the time being, maybe seen again in the future)
004: Olympus Coliseum has The Underworld added and has changed from Battle lvl ? to Battle lvl 10
005: Battle lvl colors changed so it's more easier on the eyes

Important Information:
001: Edits have been made to current Must-Reads, and new ones have been added
002: The rules have been updated everyone see them, and check them out here
003: Updated "What Is Roleplaying" to "Roleplaying (The Premise of It All) now includes better not confusing examples. Old members can move along if you wish.
004: New plot finally created, everyone must read here
005: Old Plots moved to "Old Plots" sub category

001: Site now uses the tier system for roleplaying
002: Canon characters App updated, all canon's must re-do their app (You too Luxord your character is still yours though just redo your canon app Smile)
003: Main Factions list has been completely reset so re-apply for us to add you.
004: Multiple Characters List reset so re-do
005: Accepted Canon apps will get moved to the "Accepted Canons" Sub-category.

Character Applications:
001: Create Your Character and Main Character Apps sub category created
002: Character Application Process completely revamped so re-do character apps.
003: New Character Application Template, must follow here

Other Content:
001: Roleplay Request Template re-done (completely optional)
002: Moved all old posts to Post Storage
003: Mission Request Apps have been updated
004: Starters widget added to the Portal
005: Kingdom Hearts Video changed in Portal
006: Leveling, Experience, and Moogle system disabled (maybe re-enabled in the future.
007: Drifters Removed from site (most likely will be re-instated once more members arrive)
008: Team Descriptions Re-done

001: New theme for the new plot

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The Great 11/29/13 Revamp I21tzr
Credit to Shandy at caution
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The Great 11/29/13 Revamp
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