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 Roleplaying (The Premise of It All)

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PostSubject: Roleplaying (The Premise of It All)   Sun Jan 02, 2011 11:30 pm

This is just a guide for how to to roleplay at simplekh. Please read it, because in addition to advice, it gives several rules you need to follow.


Essentially, roleplaying is to take the role of a character in a fictional setting, which is a kingdom hearts setting of course. The main point of roleplaying is to interact with other characters and watch your character develop. There are plenty of members and characters at simplekh to roleplay with. To roleplay, you need at least one other character in your topic. You then either interact with that character, present the character with a certain event and see how they react to that.


We say try to write at least 100 words as an approximation, though more is always good and less is not a crime,Wanna know How to write 100+ word posts? Keep on reading!

Well, your post can be broken up to four main parts.
Keep this in mind if your having problems posting 100 words.

Description is the best one to start off with. And the most important in the first post of a roleplay. It's not as important in the following posts, as the setting doesn't change much, but you can still describe other stuff. The description is usually the longest one as well, especially for roleplayers who are not so advanced. Firstly, think of what you see, and this is important. Whats the setting that your character is in? Moving on, what can you hear? Are there birds chirping? Are there people talking? Smell and taste aren't as important as the first two, but of course, you will be using them a lot in the description as well. It is also important to say what other characters, especially NPC characters, are doing.

As Roxas entered The World That Never Was for the first time he entered along with the other nobodies. He looked around, amazed at the size of the place. At the hundreds of auras and lights which floated over each side of the castle. The part which struck him most was the sky. It never changed, it was always filled with darkness with no sights of a sun anywhere. Only a bright heart illuminated the sky. He quickly ran off seeing the other places in the world.

Action is usually second or third. it is also the easiest. Simply, what is your character doing? Standing or sitting? Moving or staying still. How is he or she interacting with other characters? You can add why they are doing it. Are they tired and want to go to bed? Or are they hungry and want to go eat? The possibilities are endless.

Dialogue is usually the second or third. Your character has to interact with other characters in roleplay, however, it is not necessary in every post and especially not in the first post. However, you will have to at some stage in your roleplay. Try not to use 'said' after every set of speech, there are many other words to use instead which detail the expression or tone of the character better, such as screamed, shouted, muttered, mumbled, told, yelled, replied, answered and etc. If you are going to say said, use an adjective to describe how you said it. Such as "he said nervously, or anxiously.

Thoughts/Feelings is throughout the post and the most important. The reason why you make a character application is to see how your character will react in a certain event. In this case, It's Roxas' first day being in the organization what are his feelings? What are his thoughts? Is he nervous? Is he scared? Or is he enthusiastic? Remember, you created a character application to know your characters personality. You can describe your characters thoughts and feelings for hours on end. In this case, the character is a shy and nervous character, and therefore, he will react as such.

Roxas spared a brief glance at the other people who were watching him. He felt nervous and uncomfortable, surrounded by so many people. Why are they watching me? he thought nervously. Was he looking odd, he thought. Quickly, Roxas tried to tidy his messy hair.

And now you add it all together! Remove parts that you don't need, and replace your name with he or she sometimes, as you don't need to repeat it multiple times.


Roxas entered The Castle That Never Was along with the other members of the organzation. He looked around, amazed at the size of the castle. At the hundreds of lights and auras which floated over each of the castle. The part which struck him most was the sky. Instead of a normal sky, the sky looked like it opened up a pathway to darkness. Soon, Xemnas told all members of the organization to form a line. Roxas, along with the other veterans, did as they were told, forming a disorganized line. he spared a brief glance at the other members who were staring him down in annoyance. He felt nervous and uncomfortable, surrounded by so many people. Why are they watching me he thought nervously. It was an old habit of his, uncomfortable when others were watching. Was he looking odd? he thought. Quickly, he tried to tidy his messy hair.

Thats 146 words right there. Easy isn't it?


At simplekh, you need to roleplay realistically. If you don't, administrators will take action! It is essential that you roleplay realistically, not only for yourself, but for other members who will get annoyed by unrealistic roleplaying as well. As realistic as Square Enix games can be!

What is unrealistic roleplaying? Well, take the above post, and compare it to:


Knowing his way around the world, he turned and walked into the castle, confident and not nervous at all. Even if they did have to do a test of main objectives and duels, he would easily defeat any organization member and know all of the objectives, after all, he is amazing. Soon, he found out they had to go to Xemnas to see what members he would be paired up with for his first mission. A little disappointed, he walked over confidently to Xemnas and was sent to Wonderland with someone called Demyx.


This is an example of a post that would NOT be accepted. Its a horrible post for many reasons, but the main one is that the character is acting unrealistically. You have to take account for who the character is, and what he would be doing in such a situation. This character is in The World That Never Was for the first time, so how would he know his way around? It's his first time with a bunch of buildings and a huge castle that's just about the size of another city, so how can he be confident? He is new, and has hardly fought with anyone let alone anything, so how can he know that he's amazing? Furthermore, the character did not describe the setting or what the other students were doing. How were the other organization members reacting? How can a new member, walk into the World That Never Was, through the Castle without being told to, dodge the group of members waiting for Xemnas, and then instantly find out who are the members in his party? This post would be very annoying to anyone who is reading it.

When you roleplay, keep in mind what your character would do in a situation. That is why you need to know your character well, and make a good character application. Your character can not be perfect, no one likes perfect characters. And while KH does welcome roleplayers of all levels, we won't tolerate unrealistic roleplaying.
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Roleplaying (The Premise of It All)
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