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 Plot 1:Evils Rising

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Plot 1:Evils Rising Empty
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5 Years Ago, Sora was called to help the worlds and restore order. He started with destroying the former heartless leader Ansem. Once he was dead the worlds were in peace.

Then 3 years later, Sora found that they had established a new heartless leader Maleficent. Who's evil and cunning put the worlds in danger yet again. But with some time and preparation Sora defeated her as well.

During that same exact year he found that a new enemy clan was formed, named the nobodies. There purpose in life was to collect hearts for what they call Kingdom Hearts. They would attempt to use it so that Xemnas (their leader) could have all of the power. Once Sora heard of this he destroyed the organization through a 2 year time period and yet again the worlds were in peace.

Once day Jimminy Cricket found out that there was something wrong with his journal and they needed to find out what. Maleficent heard of this and struck again. She ruined the journal and tried to foil there plans to repair it. She failed in her attempts and as punishment, she was stuck inside the datascape of the journal forever.


Once Sora fixed the journal everything was once again ok. But Sora knew that it wouldn't stay like this for long and he was certaintly right. Xemnas who was still stuck in another realm of nothingness, found a way out. He released his nobody army, although not all of them joined him. Some chose freedom, others loyalty. So Xemnas was now weakened and he is currently building a better stronger organization to battle Sora.

Once news spread about Maleficent's capture it brought anger and hate to many of her followers. One particular follower was Hitame, Maleficent's daughter. The heartless of the land came to a consensus and elected her their new leader. She gladly took the job for now she badly wanted to crush Sora. With this election everyone from other worlds are wanting to join her.

Sora is the most powerful at this time. He still has his friends to back him up. The only down part is that he does not possess the keyblade at this time. It chose a different follower for it believed that the worlds were finally safe. It was sadly mistaken. Eventually it will realize that it's time to return to Sora and maybe....the worlds will return to normal.
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Plot 1:Evils Rising
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