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 Xemnas Report 4

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PostXemnas Report 4

Kingdom Hearts is being formed once again. Now my organization is filled with many nobodies, and they're all working for me. Even that dreaded Marluxia is on my side. All in all almost all of them are doing wonderfully but there are a few who are either slacking or who I am a bit iffy on.

Akiharo is the newest member of the group. Since he's new I'm not expecting him to do anything lately, but to me he's off to a bad start. Just look at Sayuri and Marluxia, once they started they got right down to business and collected hearts. Akiharo I think poorly of you.

Arashi is almost like Akiharo just worst. No one knows a goddamn thing about him. We can't even make assumptions to him because he hasn't even said one word. Hmm one of the next missions should be to spy on him because he litterally has not said anything. No hearts, no words, no nothing.

I will never trust Marluxia again, how dare he betray me. I shall never forget that, but he's been doing fairly well. Bringing the members of the organization to other worlds and collecting a couple of hearts for me. He has potential for greatness, but never for trust.

Red Hood started off well but completly flunked all the way through. Red is a keyblade bearer so you would've thought he be racking up the most hearts. Unfortunatly that has not been happening, if anything he has racked up the least ammount of hearts. I'm disapointed in him, but I could never relieve a keyblade bearer.

The biggest traitor of them all is back too, Roxas. He's still young so I can easily outsmart him so trust can easily be regain. Roxas' performance is fairly good. Not too bad and not too good either, Roxas is a dual keyblade wielder but he hasn't been using most of his talents greatly lately. He needs to show some sort of improvement because I am not impressed.

Sayuri is by far the best in these past 30 days. She is a keyblade wielder as well and has cut down many heartless. Not to mention she completely decimated Sora at Traverse Town. My biggest fear of her is her attitude. She has been seen helping some of the heroes which is not good at all. My trust in her is slowly decreasing, but she has potential to be number II and she has potential in gaining my trust and respect.

So far I have the most trust in Xaldin. He hasn't done much lately but that's only because he arrived about 7 days ago. He has about 8 spears and has never done anything to upset me. Not even fail a mission. He has not shown potential in battling and collect hearts, but so far he will be the one to give important objectives to.

As you can see my organization so far has its ups and downs, but mostly downs. We shall work to correct this, our goal for the month of March:Regain the trust, collect the hearts. That is all for now.
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Xemnas Report 4

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