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 Hitame's Report 4

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PostHitame's Report 4

So far things aren't going as i thought they would, except for one thing. I have met some new heartless and they both seem to know things about my mother that i don't. Everyone seems to know my mother except me, and i don't know why. From what i know my mother didn't have what you would call "friends" so how do they know these things?

Anyways, moving on to one of the new heartless, Hanzo Hattori, who is much older than i am. He likes to test people, me to be exact. His first impression, not the best, but he is strong, and swift. Catching him isn't easy, but i managed. He said he had a message from the "actual heartless leader" and i knew he meant my mother. He said he wouldn't tell me unless i passed his tests...

Then, there is Shadow Force. He isn't like Hanzo, he is more "understanding" than Hanzo. He also seems to know my mother. He is older than me as well, but he doesn't act like it. I wonder why, but i've not yet gotten an answer. It should come in due time, but he has to smarten up. Especially with his insults.

They both have some common qualities, but they act very differently. Hanzo seems more like my mother than i do, and Shadow Force, i'm not sure about him....


Hitame's Report 4 Hitame18
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Hitame's Report 4

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