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Roleplay about one of the greatest anime video game crossovers in the world. Kingdom Hearts
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 akiharo's journal 5

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Postakiharo's journal 5

so i have learned two new thing one i scare sayuri she can denie it all she wants but there will always be a part of her that fears me aslong as i keep traveling the path i am currently on. and two good and evil don't exist without each other they are both in everyone you may be good in your mind and do all the things you think are right but when the time comes in someone else's eyes you might as well be the most evil person in the world. the organization takes advantage of this and pushes us to do what it needs but at what cost. form kingdom hearts thats the goal and what do we get when we achieve the goal to be whole again. If i wanted to be whole i would have joined with ovan a long time ago. what stops me from doing that sayuri even if she said it was ok where would she go i can't just leave her alone. And even if she also wanted to be whole it could be years before we even find Akira and collect all the scattered pieces of her heart. i mean whats to say she doesn't also have a heartless i mean if she has a nobody she must have a heartless. which means we will need to find it and so on it could take years.,. or day depending how well sayuri is attached to akiras memories. So much to do so little time. if kingdom hearts finishes before xemnas returns we will be ok but if it doesn't who knows what will happen.
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akiharo's journal 5

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