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 Karin Ackley

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PostSubject: Karin Ackley   Sat Apr 02, 2011 8:18 pm

Basic Info
    .c h a r a c t e r N a m e. Karin Ackley

    .g e n d e r. Female

    .a g e. 15 yrs old

Character's Appearance

As a young careless girl, Karin style of clothing is mainly loose and sometimes less form-fitting than what other girls would enjoy. Liking to move and do stunts is mainly her life, so she doesn’t quite like wearing anything constricting or flashy, in that manner. This is where the cargo pants come in handy; they’re loose, and have various side pockets where most items, or in her case traps, may be stored. They have this light brown color to them, followed by patches of a darker brown –dirt- that indicates that she’s been through a few fights as well as rough times.

While covered in scratches and a few small scars here and there is her skin, which is more of an example of her lack of care in battle and life. Which up to now has caused her to be quite a sickly girl. She also hates wearing anything that has to do with armor; it wears her down and feels uncomfortable. So, instead of armor, Karin chooses to wear the only piece of clothing that can be considered more form fitting: An old tank top that’s slightly stretched out, causing it to sometimes fall along the sides of her shoulders.

And when it comes to beauty, you can count her out of it. She has an average face more-or-less, and enjoys keeping her hair up in a spiky pony tail with a side swept fringe. The only accessories she tends to wear a small hairpin that kind of looks like something you’d buy off an old Halloween store and covering her hair is a blue cap with a message in front. For mobility she prefers sneakers over anything else any time.

    . a l l e g i a n c e. Heroes

    .h o m e t o w n. Traverse Town


Loud and outspoken. Karin, when first met, is never one to go off telling everything about herself. She’s kind of a spacey girl that tends to doze off from reality and go into her own little world where, some people may be included and others might just find her weird. These little ‘trips’ are usually followed by comments or a sudden urge to hit something. She’s like that, and she just can’t stop; even worse if she finds herself bored: Being inattentive to what others are telling her. She’ll also tend to be very stubborn.
While ignoring all of this you’ll see she’s actually quite a nice person that contributes to anything in her own special way. Be it good or not. It only takes time and patience to reach to her in a way that’ll make her consider you her friend. And will start relying on your help every now and then.

Karin’s biggest problem is the fact that she just can’t seem to stop using her hands for getting whatever she wants. She a thief, yes; and a backstabber, maybe.

    .w e a p o n s.

  • REM

    REM is her partner in crime, he's been kind of like her best friend ever since she got to Traverse Town. He always carries a big smile around his small circle-shaped body. If you still haven't guessed, he's her hairpin. He helps Karin out in battle by transforming into multiple clones of himself and either attacking the opponent or blowing up. He also transforms into a various set of creatures each with their own weird ability. He's a weird little fellow that's usually found slumbering in it's pin state. He's lazy and doesn't do much. He was giving to Karin as a way to replace her parents absence.

    These 'forms' do not have any abilities when in comes to battle. Most of them just are just there to take on different tasks outside or battle such as searching, carrying and sometimes a small form of transportation.These are also the forms it takes when he is summoned in different areas (Halloween Town, Wonderland, ect).

  • Steel Rod

    She mainly uses a steel rod for fighting, but prefers hand-to-hand and up close. She's flexible, so the rod's a more suitable weapon and adds to speed. It can transmit any kind of magic, but it obviously need to be learned. The rod can be split into two smaller ones for easier traveling.
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PostSubject: Re: Karin Ackley   Sat Apr 02, 2011 11:31 pm

Looks good.

Accepted and Sorted into Heroes


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Karin Ackley
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