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Roleplay about one of the greatest anime video game crossovers in the world. Kingdom Hearts
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 Akiharo's journel #1

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PostAkiharo's journel #1

Akiharo here xemnas says this will help control my anger hope +hats right don't want to go out of control again. I had that dream again the one with the door that i can never get close enough to open any time I'm close it get further away. I found out more about my past like where i used to live and my oldnfriends and their powers and another girl but still don't have a name for her i wonder how sayuris doing she seems very tiered all the time and confused mostly could she have been having the same dreams as me probably not she would have comed to ask. Do Nobodies even have dreams +Me and sayuri do but thats because we have are somebodies out there still alive. I don't ask Xemnas any questions anymore mostly because he get on my nerves especially his voice good thing no one gets to read this unless I say so and I wont so i guess i'm good with what Im saying. The organization gets on my nerves too and so does the castel its boring all there is to do is sleep train more sleep eat and talk to sayuri ocasionally.
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Akiharo's journel #1

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