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 Leaders of Darkness Enlistment

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PostSubject: Leaders of Darkness Enlistment   Sat Nov 30, 2013 8:10 pm

In Leaders of Darkness, Hitame is head leader. No discussion. There is a 2nd in command who has just as much experience as Hitame but other than that those are the highest ranks. However you could say from number 2 down is all co-leaders. All leaders of darkness can manipulate heartless to their advantage. Not all members can control heartless. Here's the chain as follows:

Leaders of Darkness
The Heartless

You must wreak havoc on whatever faction we are currently facing, your personality must be destructive, and of course you have to be useful to the group.

Heartless to:(just make a random first and last name)
Strengths:(at least 3)
Weaknesses:(At least 5)
What do you hope to accomplish here:
What can you do for us:
Head Leader: Hitame
2nd in Command: Don't choose I decide

3: open
4: open
5: open
6: open
7: open
8: open
9: open
10: open

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Credit to Shandy at caution
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Leaders of Darkness Enlistment
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