The Kingdom Hearts Roleplay

The Kingdom Hearts Roleplay

Roleplay about one of the greatest anime video game crossovers in the world. Kingdom Hearts
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Darkness and Light will always exist with each other. One can't live without the other. No matter how hard we try to vanquish the darkness within us, we can't. Without it we can't live. Light needs darkness to survive. Darkness needs light to survive.

All we can do is push the darkness down. Or we can let them balance each other out. But if we do that, one will always try to take control and we'll fight forever within ourselves. We can't just give up on it though.

I've learned that I am both Darkness and Light. They don't exist in harmony within me, but...
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I'm scared...

Scared of everything. Scared of Akiharo. The darkness within us both. The darkness Akira's drifting in. Akira herself. And mostly...myself.

I have to go back to her. Akira needs me...without me, she'll never wake up. She'll never be able to go back to Ovan, to explain everything that happened. She had so much to tell him, and I've stopped her from saying it all long enough.

I've also learned that I'm weak. Both physically and mentally. My energy gets taken away from me quickly, and Heartless can control my body and mind just like...
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I don't know anymore.

Should I continue the way I am? I've learned some things about the Organization that I'm sure I wasn't supposed to learn. Now I know why I can feel as though I was a Somebody. It's not only because of Akira, even though she is me. I am half of who she is...I contain half her power and in order for Ovan to find her...I must go away. I understand all of this and I'm sure that by allowing her to come back, I'll be doing everyone a favor. Except the Organization.

I don't care though. They've done nothing but use us Nobodies. But at least...
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Am I doing the right thing?

Should I still be here? Am I supposed to be helping Xemnas achieve his goal to create Kingdom Hearts? I don't know what's right anymore, and I don't know whet my real role in all of this is. Is Xemnas just using me so he can get Kingdom Hearts for himself and destroy the rest of us. Or will he really give us hearts?

I don't know what to believe anymore. But I know I have to keep Akiharo safe from him, so I know I can't leave the Organization. But maybe ... if we leave together, he wont be able to do anything to him ... to either...
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I keep thinking about Akira. If I find her and go back to her, what'll happen then? Will I just cease to exist, as if I never had in the first place? I know I am probably not meant to exist anyways, since Akira is not dead but I want to know what will happen if I decide to go back. I have thought repeatedly of leaving the Organization and searching for her, but if I do that how can I be sure that I will even find her? And what will happen to Akiharo if I leave?

Xemnas knows that we are friends and if I leave he will most likely try to harm Akiharo. I can't let that...
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I know where Akira is. My dreams have shown me where she is located. This must be what Ovan meant about helping him, when we fought him in Agrabah. But I won't tell him anything just like that, I'm not stupid. But I'm worried about Akiharo... he was almost about to attack me in Port Royal because of the darkness inside him.

He'll never truely know this, but I resent him for not being strong enough to control it. Now I know that there is a darkness in my heart as well, if I can resent him for that, even after I said I forgave him... the darkness is growing. I know...
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Another day come and gone. And another mission that we believe to be completed, is now gone. How long will it be til Kingdom Hearts is completed? When can we become whole, like Xemnas said we would? I don't even know if he's telling us the truth, maybe he's just using us to get more power. I don't know what to think anymore.

I've been having these weird dreams more often than usual now. After my last mission with Akiharo when he lost control, my dreams have been more recent and they show me more of the same vision, I have when we faced Ovan at Agrabah. I wonder if...
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